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Name:Harry/Ginny Daily
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Fuck Yeah Harry/Ginny on tumblr
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:Your Source for Harry/Ginny News
Welcome to Harry/Ginny Daily, a newsletter devoted to bringing you fics, discussion, and other fandom events related to the Harry/Ginny pairing from the Harry Potter series. This is a closed community, meaning only the editors can post updates; however, you can watch the community to view the daily posts on your friends page.

This community was created on LJ by [profile] pumpkinpasty, [profile] deena_s, [personal profile] verogeller, [profile] mkesa, [personal profile] penny_sieve, and [profile] starbuckx, and is currently moderated by ,

Please feel free to send all comments, questions, or H/G-related news through PM to [personal profile] ladysugarquill, or comment on one of our daily posts.

[personal profile] hg_daily strives to bring you Harry/Ginny news in the following categories:

News: Any and all Harry Potter-related news for the day, usually caught from The Leaky Cauldron or Mugglenet.
Discussion: Polls, searches, essays, character studies, and other discussion related to Harry/Ginny.
Events: Challenges, fests, ficathons, communities, etc. related to Harry/Ginny.
Fiction: Quality fanfiction, ficlets, drabbles, etc. related to Harry/Ginny.
Fanart: Harry/Ginny related drawings, icons, manipulations, fanvideos, etc. related to Harry/Ginny.
Of Interest: Occasionally we will have something in this category that the editors believe will be of interest to our readers, even if it does not pertain specifically to Harry/Ginny.
Editor's Pick: Every Sunday, the editors will recommend one fic and one fan art, chosen from the past week's posts.

Content is chosen by the editors, but submissions are accepted at the their discretion. Comment on a daily post or email us at hpgwdaily at gmail dot com.

For weekly Harry/Ginny updates, check out [profile] hpgw_otp.
For art, fiction, and discussion related to Ginny Weasley, join [profile] gw_fans.
For weekly updates on the comings and goings of The Weasley family, check out [community profile] obhwf_weekly.
For daily updates related to Ron/Hermione, visit [profile] rhr_daily.
And for weekly updates pertaining to Draco/Ginny, friend [profile] dg_prophet.

If you would like to affiliate with [personal profile] hg_daily, simply comment on a daily post.
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