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- HARRY/GINNY by [ profile] lrthunder. [NC17]

- Hair Crisis by [personal profile] sauramora. It was time again, and Albus had to run for his life - or hair. [G - H/G, Albus, Lily]

- The Loch by [ profile] flyingcarpet. A summer picnic at Loch Ness sounds like a fun way to spend the afternoon, but there are hidden dangers in store for Harry and Ginny. [G]

- [ profile] commentfic Request:- Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny, polyjuice potion by [ profile] marlex.


- Harry Potter by [ profile] nephila_clavipes [PG]

- Flipendo! by AkiNago [G]

- 1st year Harry by salma17 [G]

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by LukeinSpanish [G]

- Harry Potter by [ profile] Ashirogi28 [G]

- Harry Potter by [ profile] BrunaGonda[ G]

- Ginny by [ profile] DidxSomeonexSayxMad [G]

- Ginevra Molly Weasley by [ profile] smileeeeey13 [cosplay, G]

- Ginny ~ by [ profile] AlexandreDesplat-fan [G]

- Ginny by [ profile] batbobbles [G]

- Ginny Weasley by [ profile] RoseliaTyler [G]

- Ginny? by [ profile] PepperPixel [PG-13, blood]

- Ginny, Harry, and Ginny again, all three by saeru-bleuts [G]

- Maid of Honor by [ profile] reallycorking [H/G, NC-17]

- before quidditch practice by laugiancoli [H/G, PG-13]

- Harry and Ginny Ship Week by RayeLian [H/G, PG]

- Harry and Ginny ship week by ritta1310 [H/G, G].
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The people have spoken! The new comm has been set up on [community profile] hgdaily and all entries have been imported.

We are still looking for co-mods and contributors! Just sending us any links you come across is great help. Comment here or PM me if you're interested. Also, if you post H/G and want us to follow you, just comment here and we will :)

Finally, help us spread the word! I suck powerfully at graphics, but I have made this one. Feel free to post it or make your own :D

Now, since many people don't feel comfortable having their stuff on LJ, the comm over there won't be updated anymore. So follow us over here, and onwards!
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*dusts comm off* *sees new LJ TOS* *recoils in horror*

In these two years since our last post I've kept collecting Harry/Ginny fics and art aiming to post them here, but life happened, and those links sat filling up bytes in my browser. But the movement of the Hinny fandom on tumblr - and the fact that there were still great Hinny fics and art being made - made me think we are not going anywhere.

(Metaphorically, that is. We ARE all leaving this dubious platform as fast as our legs can carry us).

So I've decided to take the chance the Great LJ Exodus Of 2017 is giving us move the comm to dreamwidth... and to bring it back!

However, there are two catches:

* I had a dumb and accidentally made a journal instead of a comm *facepalms* Which means the name hg_daily will be off-limits until the journal is purged. Therefore:

[Poll #2066308]

* I'm actually terrible at keeping up with things, not the least because I don't really have much free time. So I'm looking for co-mods! Duties would be to write a newsletter edition once or twice a month, depending on how many co-mods we end up being.

* Also looking for: contributors, who can send us links for new Hinny content.

I'll leave the poll up... a week? Then I'll create the new comm and import everything here over there.

Happy beginnings! <3

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all! This edition is devoted to Holidays/Christmas themed fic and art :)

- Lost & Found master list at [ profile] takingitinturns.

- Regalo de Navidad by [ profile] cloe2gs. [H/G, James Sirius, G, in Spanish]
- The Watchers of Christmas Eve by [ profile] lrthunder. [H/G, James/Lily, NC-17, AU]

from [ profile] smutty_claus:
- Darkness Within by [ profile] dragyn_42. [H/G, Harry/Daphne, NC-17 - mind the warnings]
- Christmas With the Potters by [ profile] lunalovepotter. [H/G, NC-17]
- The Thrill of the Chaser by [ profile] shocolate. [H/G, NC-17]
- Get Some by [ profile] leontinabowie. [H/G, NC-17]

- INKtober 31 by rumpelstiltskinned. [Harry, Lily/James, G]
- Merry Xmas 2014 by Yuki-Almasy. [Harry, G]
- Merry X'mas! by luosong. [Harry, G]
- Harry Potter and Ginny by saeru-bleuts. [Harry, Ginny, G]
- A Harry Potter Christmas by luckybucky74. [Harry, G]

- Christmas Harry and Ginny by alkanet. [H/G, G]
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Originally posted by [ profile] flyingcarpet at The Lost & Found Challenge

signup/about | [ profile] takingitinturns | [ profile] hp_reunion

[ profile] takingitinturns is excited to present a new Harry/Ginny challenge for fic and artwork! YES, REALLY. I know it's been a long time, but [ profile] hp_reunion is organizing a fandom homecoming for those of us who've wandered off in recent years, and it seemed like a great excuse to have a Harry/Ginny challenge!

Everyone is welcome to join us, whether you're a longtime fan or new to the pairing. All styles and genres are welcome, from romance to mystery, adventure to angst to darkfic, sexy stories to family fic. Hand-drawn artwork and electronic pieces are welcome, and we love fanmixes, gif sets and whatever else you can dream up!

I hope we'll see you there!!
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Originally posted by [ profile] mickawber_fics at PSA: crack_broom looking for H/G recs!

Just a call for volunteers: [ profile] crack_broom, LJ's premiere HP reccing community, is looking for Harry/Ginny reccers. If you have run across some stories featuring our favorite couple that you'd like to share, go to the sign-up post:

They've recently changed their rules to allow for some repeat recommendations, so even if the fic/art/vid/podfic you want to share is an oldie-but-goodie that has been rec'd on [ profile] crack_broom in the past, it might be time to introduce it to a whole new round of readers!

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I hope you're all having happy holidays!

- Hinny: Quote prompt by defence-against-the-drabbles. [H/G, PG-13]

- Harry y Hinny icons by [ profile] rhye. [H/G, G]

- Ginny Weasley by a-demigod-potterhead. [Ginny, G]
- Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows by Larinelle. [Everybody, G]
- sweet winter morning by Skywolf5. [Harry, Hedwig, G]
- H+G part two by AlexielApril. [H/G, PG-13]
- Ginny 'n' Harry by BubbleMonsterXI. [H/G, G]
- Harry and Ginny by lauu7. [H/G, G]
- A Very Potter Winter by chuwenjie. [Harry, Hedwig, G]
- Harry and Ginny by Skywolf5. [H/G, G]
- What? by Wasserspiegel. [Harry, G]
- the golden snitch? by KamTheMightyOne. [Harry, G]
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Yay, classes are finally over! I'll have more time now, so expect more frequent updates. I have so much Hinny goodness in stor for you... :D

Did you participate in Hinny week over at hpshipweeks? Send us your fic/art/meta in a comment to make sure we don't miss it!

- A New Life by [ profile] mickawber_fics. [H/G, PG-13]
- He Walked by [ profile] icmezzo. [H/G, PG]
- Exciting Match by [ profile] katekintail. [H/G, R]

From [ profile] hp_halloween:
- Costume Trouble by [ profile] dragyn_42. [Harry/Ginny/Tonks, R]
- Yearly Checkup by [ profile] dragyn_42. [H/G, Tonks, PG ]
- Remembering by [ profile] writcraft. [H/G, PG-13]

- H/G icons at [ profile] hogwartsicons.

- Harry Potter by maya-notliketheother. [Harry, PG]
- Hinny by hatepotion. [H/G, PG]
- Hinny by pebbles6. [H/G, PG]
- Alianza Personajes 06 by isine. [Lily Luna, G]
- Ginevra Weasley by may12324. [Ginny, PG]
- Be careful, Mr. Potter by radioactivemushroom1. [Ginny, PG]
- Chamber of Secrets by fishgurll. [Ginny, PG]
- Chosen by luniara. [Harry, PG]

- Vertigo by [ profile] pretty_panther. [Ginny, PG-13]

- Nativity by [ profile] traintracks. [Harry/Ginny, James, Al, Lily, Teddy, OMC, G]
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Hi everyone! sorry this week's newsletter is so late; I'm working on it, but meanwhile here's a quick post with some news!

* Over at tumblr, some lovely people have organized the Harry Potter Ship Weeks: from November 18th to February 14th, one Harry Potter canon ship will be featured each week. The list of ships and weeks is here. And the first week's ship is...

So go spam the HP tag with Harry/Ginny goodness if you have a tumblr, or browse or the #hpshipweeks tag to see/read all the pretties!

Also for non-canon shippy goodness, there's Harry Potter Queer & Non-Canon Ships Weeks, which starts on November 25th.
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- Voting is open at [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll until December, 31st. Here's the voting info, and here's the list of nominated H/G fics.

- Harry by staypee. [Harry]
- Harry by sharpieftw. [Harry]
- Harry's Patronus - The Stag by Mivid. [Harry]
- [ profile] ladywhizbee shares this beautiful Hinny fanart by burdge. [H/G, G]
- Ginny Weasley by cinnamonskittles. [Ginny, G]
- Ch1000-06 by ross-marisin. [Harry, PG]

Send in your H/G news! Just comment on this post :)
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- Nominations for [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll close tomorrow! See the list of nominated fics here and go nominate your favourite ones!

- A New Life by Antosha. [H/G, Teen]
- Over at [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles' Humpathon 2013:- For [ profile] hp_drizzle: Godric’s Hollow by [ profile] shadowofrazia. [Harry, G]
- Notes from the Wizarding World - An Ungrateful Boy and The Old Dead Skin by livesandlies. [Harry, PG and Ginny, PG]
- Hinny: in the common room by defence-against-the-drabbles. [H/G, PG]
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- Pottermore has opened up the first moments for 'Goblet of Fire'. [Pottermore]
- LeakyCon 2014 dates and info announced! The convention will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from July 30th to August 3rd.  Registration opens on October 19th. [LC]

- Nominations are open for the The Fall/Winter 2013 Round of [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll. Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione and Lily/James fics can be nominated. The nominations period runs though October 1st - 28th.
- The
[ profile] hp_humpdrabbles' 2013 Humpathon has several delicious H/G prompts for you to try your hand on. The drabblethon runs from October 1st - 23.

- [ profile] rukbat3 over at [ profile] hg_silverlining asks for Hinny fic recs, particularly stories set post-HBP or DH, and stories that focus on Ginny's POV.

- Invisible by [ profile] phoenixstrike1. [H/G,  Drarry, NC-17. Warnings: infidelity, unhappy ending]
- Family Time by ggns. [Harry, Lily Luna, PG]
- Magical Christmas by
[ profile] ladysugarquill. [H/G, PG]
- Halloween Harry and Ginny by burdge. [H/G, PG]
- obsessed with Harry and Ginny
burdge. [H/G, PG]
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Umm... hi? I think we're back? :) I'll make a proper introductory post later, but for now:

- Check out the September 1st Challenge at [ profile] hpgw_drabbles! Details here.
- The Fall/Winter 2013 Round of [ profile] hpfanficfanpoll will be receiving nomintions for Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione and Lily/James fics. Details here. Start rounding up your favourites!
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Unless anyone wants to take charge of this community as I have no time to run it and have been determined the "owner", this community will be deleted on June 16th.
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Today's News:
- Teen Arrested for Posting Illegal French Translation of "Deathly Hallows" Online. [TLC]
- "Potter" cast discuss movie, attend Turkish premiere. [HPANA]
- German Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Cover Art Chosen. [TLC]
- Court Rules Against JKR in Photo Privacy Case. [TLC]
- Order of the Phoenix Box Office Totals Continue to Soar. [TLC]
- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by the Numbers. [TLC]
- Cbbc Newsround Deathly Hallows Quiz. [TLC]
- Tell a Tale of Harry Potter. [TLC]
- Order of the Phoenix nominated for Teen Choice Award. Vote here.

- [ profile] angua9 posts a poll about the aspects of Deathly Hallows.
- [ profile] copperbadge: Remus Lupin in Deathly Hallows.
- [ profile] author_by_night wants to know how to deal in a world that does not allow for time to just stop and write.
- [ profile] 12_12_12: Nostalgia Moments with the Trio in Deathly Hallows.
- andrewrilstone: Harry Potter and Qualified Recantation.

- [ profile] painless_j reminds everyone to archive your fics!
- [ profile] pumpkin_fics updates its Spoiler, Requests and LJ Compliant Policies.
- [ profile] daily_snitch announced Policy changes.
- [ profile] hogwarts_today announces it will go on hiatus, effective immediately. Details here.
- [ profile] erotic_elves, [ profile] pervy_werewolf, and [ profile] pornish_pixies are now operating under friends-lock. Each community has provided a public post with instructions on how to view their fic and art.
- Simply Undeniable has announced a new Challenge. Details here.

Today's Fanfiction:
- Moments in Second Person by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch. [Multiple Ships, R]
- Eleven Months Later: Scrubbing Bubbles by [ profile] kanedax. [H/G, Strong R]
- Untitled by [ profile] deena_s. [Post-DH drabble, PG13]
- Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies by [ profile] fireworkfiasco. [H/G, DH, PG]

Today's Fanart:
- Something Useful by [ profile] mudblood428. [H/G, DH, PG]
- Harry Potter: TNG by [ profile] poor_media. [New Characters, G]
- Baby Harry by [ profile] leochi. [Animated, G]
- Hagrid and Harry by [ profile] essacat. [DH, G]
- 'Keep Faith - Good Night' by [ profile] ithinkiamlost. [Ginny, G]
- Fiendfyre by [ profile] alicia_mb. [Trio, DH, G]
- Three DH illustrations by [ profile] click_megalo. [Various, DH, G]
- Trio by [ profile] damn_squiggly. [Comic, DH, G]
- DH Harry, Ginny by [ profile] deena_s. [G]
- Now You Are Dangerous by [ profile] captaincatapult. [H/G Fanmix & Art]

Of Interest:
- [ profile] theljstaff makes a clarification post about the Illegal and Harmful Content Policy in [ profile] lj_biz
- Open Letter To LiveJournal/Six Apart by [ profile] bubble_blunder.
- Open Letter To LiveJournal/Six Apart by [ profile] femmequixotic.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Hello! Here's your Saturday edition. :)

Today's Fanfiction:

- Wallflower by [ profile] archanas247. [HG, PG]
- DH Fic by [ profile] book_worm_26. [H/G, PG-13]
- Almost Perfect by [ profile] carter_sg1. [H/G, R/H. PG-13]

Of Interest:

- [ profile] carentan is compiling the Deathly Hallows Yellow Pages.
- PotterCast 113.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Happy Friday everyone.

Warning: Links may have spoilers for Deathly Hallows.

In today's edition we have the following:

- [ profile] muselolita posted Searching for Dates - Regulus and Sirius Black.
- [ profile] hymnia has a poll on Ginny Weasley.

- [ profile] omniocular has begun its August Deathly Hallows Challenge
- [ profile] spookathon sign-ups have started.

Today's Fanfiction:
- Always Mine by [ profile] margaret67. [H/G, Soft R]
- Shivers by [ profile] cicatrixstories. [H/G, NC-17]
- The Final Release by [ profile] hedwig5221. [H/G, G]
- Test Drive by [ profile] lunalovepotter. [H/G, Hard R]
- Desirable Number One by [viaaurelia1310] [H/G, PG]

Today's Fanart:
- He nearly killed the cat by [ profile] leochi. [J/L and baby Harry, G]
- Tea with the Potters by [ profile] definewisdom>. [Potter family, G]

Of Interest:
- [ profile] mandy_jg created an OotP mood theme

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Well, there is SO much today to tell you about!


J.K. Rowling Web Chat Transcript [TLC]
J.K. Rowling "Today Show" Interview Transcript, Web Only Video Extras [TLC]
J.K. Rowling Talks Details on Deaths in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" [TLC]
New OOTP interviews, behind-the-scenes clips [Veritaserum]
OotP makes $17.1 million over the weekend [Veritaserum]
Nick Harry Potter News: "Deathly Hallows" Up for UK Kid's Choice Awards, Magazine Feature [on OotP [TLC]
Alfonso Cuaron "Really Tempted" by "Deathly Hallows" Film [TLC]
Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom!!  []


[ profile] pegkerr discusses Remorse and Transformation of Character
[ profile] dementedsiren discusses What's the Moral of the Story?
[ profile] eldritchhobbit discusses Harry Potter and Politics: Links and Thoughts


[ profile] byondthehallows is looking for RPGers
[ profile] deanlovesluna is a community for Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood Fic and Art
[ profile] openattheclose is a community to fill in the blanks of canon characters.


Tending the Living by [ profile] mhalachaiswords [PG, H/G]
After the Flaw by [ profile] kanedax [PG, H/G, R/Hr]
Ginny's War by [ profile] sourivho [PG13, H/G]
GinFan has completed Stranded with Chapters 14,15,16 & 17 [R, TQP]
Intromit has updated Harry Potter and Fate's Debt with Chapter 20--A Ferret and a Toad [PG13, SIYE]
Breanie has updated A New Beginning with Chapter 19--Understanding t he Prophecies [R, SIYE]
Seeking Comfort by Fire [G, Q&K]
One Week Later by [ profile] eimajunknown [PG13]

Fanart and Icons:

DH icons and Wallpaper--[ profile] amandil12
Icons with art by Reallycorking--[ profile] mw_icons
Icons and Wallpapers with Reallycorking's Art--[ profile] alcarcalime
Luna Lovegood by [ profile] leochi [G]
Aberforth Dumbledore by [ profile] javawombat[G]
Until the Very End by [ profile] midnight_ljc [PG13]
What Ron Saw in the Locket by [ profile] buttfacemakani [PG]
The Aftermath by [ profile] thirteencharms [Ginny, Luna, G]
DH Sketches by [ profile] mon_starling [G]
Teddy by [ profile] midnight_ljc [G]
Worst Fears Realized by [ profile] trishna87
The Lost Ones by [ profile] twinklepug [G, Remus, Tonks, Moody, Fred, Dobby, Hedwig]
The Wedding by [ profile] click_megalo [scroll to bottom]
A Trio of Pets by [ profile] poor_medea
Harry and Hedwig by [ profile] damn_squiggly [G]

Of Interest:

The Quidditch Pitch will be down for a few days...
FAQs about the 6th Wave of the [ profile] hpgw_ficafest

Send your Harry/Ginny news to hpgw_daily at gmail dot com

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Happy Friday everyone.

Links may lead to spoilers about Deathly Hallows, click at your own risk.

Today's News:
- Reminder: Registration for Prophecy 2007 Closes Tomorrow. [TLC]
- Audio of J.K. Rowling USA Today Interview Now Online. [TLC]
- Dan Radcliffe Talks "Deathly Hallows" and Fate of Harry Potter   [TLC]
- 'Entertainment Weekly' says good-bye to 'Potter'   [HPANA]
- JK Rowling discusses mother, movies & books  [HPANA]
- Scholastic announces Rowling book tour sweepstakes   [HPANA]
- Vote for the German Edition Cover Art of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"   [TLC]

- [ profile] blpurdom: JK Rowling and the Splintered Audience.
- [ profile] silverhill: What makes certain books so popular?
- [ profile] prettyoctopussy: Who Loves Severus Snape?

- [ profile] madelah announces the Potterthon, where you can stay up for 24 hours blogging exclusively on all things Potter

Today's Fanfiction:
- Light after war by [ profile] wopt70. [H/G, PG]
- A Very Special Witch by [ profile] lunalovepotter. [J/L, H/G, R]

Today's Fanart:
- Acceptance by [ profile] _odella_. [Harry, PG]
- Something to remember me by by [ profile] reallycorking. [H/G, PG]
- Deathly Hallows art by [ profile] caladan_dd. [Dumbledore, Grindelwald, G]

Of Interest:
- [ profile] kp_mushu and [ profile] shiiki created a Timeline for DH.
- [ profile] orthogon_alley is a new community for AU fics and recs and discussions.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Lots of Spoilers, tread with caution?

Today's News:
- Exclusive: What JKR Left Out. [Today Show]
- Watts, Fiennes & Townsend not lined up for 'Half-Blood Prince' movie. [HPANA]
- One of "Deathly Hallows" Alternate Titles Revealed and More from Midnight Launch in London. [TLC]
- Name of Character Given Reprieve Stated by JKR, Says She Will Write a Hogwarts Encyclopedia. [TLC]
- Video of Jim Dale Reading at New York "Deathly Hallows" Release Party. [TLC]
- Preview of Rowling interview with 'Today Show'. [HPANA]
- Video of Jo Reading from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". [TLC]
- JKR discusses the past & the future. [HPANA]

- [ profile] jenadamson: A Very Important Canon Question. (Spoilers)
- [ profile] saturn92103: The Prophecy.
- [ profile] 12_12_12: Ronald Bilius Weasley: Best Friend, Sidekick, and Big Damn Hero.
- [ profile] mrstater: Chapter Eleven: Remus Lupin and Emotional Surplus.
- [ profile] elsane: DH and Adult Character Development.
- [ profile] eldritchhobbit: 10 Reasons Why I Love Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.
- [ profile] fluffyllama: Too many Remuses.
- [ profile] miggy: Now that everything is settle, who is your favorite .... [Poll]
- [ profile] schemingreader: On Crucio and torture.
- [ profile] connielane: In Defense of the Epilogue.
- [ profile] yahtzee63: Five Epilogues I'd Like to Have Seen.

- [ profile] tarie wants Your 5 top canon compliant fic or art pieces.
- [ profile] satine_59 compiled a list of DH artwork.
- [ profile] derivational compiled a short list of Post-DH fic recs.
- [ profile] r_becca compiles a list of post-Deathly Hallows fics and new communities.
- [ profile] ravenna_c_tan is collecting Canon Questions Answered (and new ones raised) in Deathly Hallows.
- [ profile] hpgw_ficafest is open for Plot Bunny Suggestions.
- [ profile] daily_deviant has posted the Masterlist for its Farewell FQF.
- [ profile] spellcast_lj released a Special Order of the Phoenix movie episode with Nicholas Hooper.
- [ profile] thematic_hp is accepting prompts for Round 7: Vows and Life Debts until July 31.
- [ profile] nevender is a new community for Neville Longbottom/Lavender Brown.
- [ profile] bill_fleur is a new community for Bill/Fleur fic and art.
- [ profile] hallowedmoments is a new community for The Deathly Hallows Missing Moments Fic-a-fest.
- [ profile] post_dh_fic is a new community for writers to post their Deathly Hallows-compliant stories.
- [ profile] hpreadalong is a new community that will be hosting a group re-read of the whole series. Reading will start with PS/SS on 1 August.
- [ profile] i_loved_dh is a new community focused on appreciating Deathly Hallows.
Communities with Spoilers )

Today's Fanfiction:
- Things Change, People Change by [ profile] ncp. [Gen, G]
- Years by [ profile] brimac13. [PG]
- Becoming Whole Again by [ profile] aperfectsong. [Ginny, others, R]
- Friends by [ profile] antoshevu. [Post-DH Gen, various, G]
- Saying Goodbye by [ profile] bibliophile20. [PG]

Today's Fanart:
- I thought you Knew ... by [ profile] mudblood428. [Spoilers, Harry, Ron, G]
- Harry by [ profile] elspethelf. [Spoilers, G]
- Deathly Hallows Chapter 34 by [ profile] eliathanis. [Spoilers, Various, G]
- Three (DH Chapter 19) by [ profile] reallycorking. [Spoilers, Ron, Harry, PG13]
- Molly by [ profile] odyssey01. [Spoilers, PG13]
- Dancing Fire by [ profile] thirteencharms. [Ginny, G]
- The Weasley Family Album by [ profile] lorannah. [G]
- The Forest by [ profile] gredandfeorge. [Spoilers, Harry, Hagrid, G]
- Thank you, JKR by [ profile] waccawheels. [Harry, JKR, G]
- Trio by [ profile] hippie_girl8. [Spoilerish, G]
- Harry by [ profile] waccawheels. [Spoilers, G]
- Deathly Pottis by [ profile] lberghol. [Spoilers, Three, Various, G]
- Reunion by [ profile] hime199. [Spoilers, Various, G]
- Three Deathly Hallows Sketches by [ profile] h_johanna. [Spoilers, Various, all G]
- Three by [ profile] kyuukumber. [Spoilers, Weasleys, G]

Today's Icons:
- 19 Ginny and H/G icons by [ profile] ladyheron. [H/G Rated R]
- 40 H/G & Bonnie at Premieres by [ profile] littlefawkes.
- 19 Post-DH icons by [ profile] brimac13.
- 2 H/G fanvid by [ profile] johnsheppardluv.

Of Interest:
- [ profile] violet_quill presents If My Friends-List Wrote DH.
- [ profile] aryas_zehral presents the Extended Black Family Tree.
- [ profile] fourth_rose: Harry Potter and the Crack That Follows.

As always, please send all H/G related news to hpgwdaily[at]gmail[dot]com.

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